Lisa Garratt, CMT, Yoga Instructor

Lisa Garratt specializes in therapeutic bodywork and treating people with injuries and pain using various levels of intensity.  She has trained in a variety of modalities. She is a Morales Method Core Integration Therapist ® Level 3 therapist. Her work emphasizes integrative bodywork that is influenced by my years of teaching yoga and focuses on fascia, and joint mobilization and stability.  Additionally, She uses techniques that include cranial sacral therapy and polarity to help with the integration and therapeutic process. She is committed to continuing education and providing client-centered sessions.  She currently studying with Advanced Rolfer, Marty Morales in San Francisco. She has been in the field of yoga and bodywork since 2002.

She also offers pre-natal massage and yoga-massage sessions.  (Pre-natal sessions are available at her Capitola, Los Gatos, and San Francisco locations.  Yoga-massage sessions are provided as house calls or at another designated location.

Corporate chair massage is another service she offers. This service has become increasingly popular in all kinds of settings and as a practitioner it demands a certain kind of flexibility that she is adept at. Please call or email me for availability.