Matt Lombard – Certified Advanced Rolfer®

Matt Lombard founded Momentum Rolfing in 2013.

I am a Certified Advanced Rolfer, Certified Rolf movement Practitioner and a CMT in the State of California. I have been working with the art, science, clinical application of Rolfing Structural Integration for the last eight years.

I have studied and am engaged in continuing education at the Dr. Ida P Rolf Institute in Boulder, Munich and Sao Paulo with a wide range of Advanced Faculty. Besides an Advanced Rolfing Certification and Two Rolf Movement Certifications, I have also received accreditations in Visceral Manipulation based on the teachings of French Osteaopath Dr. JeanPierre Barral. I am a certified instructor in Ginastica Natural, the life long movement practice and study of the Brazilian physical therapist Alvaro Romano. I am also an avid student of Brazillian Jui-Jitsu. My fascination with movement practices, biomechanics and anatomy comes from my childhood pursuits of year ­round competitive sports and outdoor adventures. Nowadays I have a similar active and adventurous lifestyle along with my wife, that keeps me passionate about health and wellness. Through personal experience of traumatic injuries and periods of chronic pain following them, it is my belief that with a balanced structure and perceptive movement a body can achieve a harmonic relation with the field of gravity and move through life with less stress and pain.

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