Susannah Dingman, CFST

Who is Susannah?

I am an athlete and a lover of life.   It is my belief that movement is an  essential part of health and well being for humans.  I chose to do body work because it is my way of helping to create a better world, by creating healthier happier people.  People who are able to continually progress, grow and set new goals.

In the journey to heal myself and those around me I have developed a deep understanding of the complex and intertwined relationship of physical, mental, emotional and social wellness. I am willing and able to work with the full spectrum of people, from high level athlete, to those people who struggle with injury, physical or mental illness, and everyone in between.
I have two sisters who are both mothers.  This has sparked a particular interested in working with women to ensure that their bodies are functioning optimally and efficiently as they adapt to the ever changing and constant demands of motherhood.
I am a Fascial Stretch Therapist, a Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization Coach and a Certified Personal Trainer

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