Susannah Dingman, CFST

Who can this help?

Everyone who uses their body, in any way.  Especially good for releasing tension in the hips, back, neck, and shoulders.

Fascial Stretch Therapy is a table based therapy in which practitioner and client work as a team to explore range of motion, stretching in multiple planes, and release tension in places one simply can not access on their own. Fascial Stretch Therapy is extremely versatile, effective, and makes a great addition to anyones recovery or self care routine.

Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization is a training & treatment method that focuses on correcting dysfunction in motor control.  DNS uses a neurodevelopmental approach to optimize spinal stabilization and make efficient high quality movement effortless and subconcious.  Client and practitioner work together to create optimal movement patterns and minimize the risk of overuse injuries.

Each treatment is tailored to the clients individual needs and current goals.

What can FST & DNS do for me?

  • calm the nervous system

  • reduce the risk of injury

  • reduce stress

  • eliminate pain

  • relieve unwanted tension

  • increase strength

  • increase speed

  • improve coordination

  • improve performance

  • feel amazing

Feel your best!

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