Trevor Getsla – Rolf Method of Structural Integration

Integrated Bodywork for Functional Change: 

* Acute Injury & Surgical Rehabilitation
* Chronic Orthopedic Pain & Dysfunction Problems
* Sport Specific Bodywork
* Movement Therapy & Kinesthetic Coaching
* Visceral, Nuerological, & Cranial Sacral Therapies
* Advanced Myofascial & Deep Tissue Massage
* Structural Integration: Specific Issues & The 10-Series of Ida Rolf

Trevor’s practice specializes in sophisticated therapeutic bodywork for effective functional changes. He covers a wide spectrum of client goals: from rehabilitative care for any complex orthopedic condition or injury to optimizing exceptional performance for athletes and dynamic movement embodiment. A body-based approach to emotional well being unites everything together. The work is a grounded and systematic process of integration unifying mind, body and spirit for long lasting profound results.

His work is profoundly influenced by a life time of Aikido, Brazilian Juijitsu and other martial arts, Medical Qi Gong, strength training, dance/fire spinning, and other internal embodiment/energetic practices. Unique hands on and movement embodiment derived from these practices are incorporate to facilitate greater functional change and internal cognitive connection with the body.

Practicing since 2003, experience includes 2 years of bodywork school at De Anza College, 2 years of Medical Qi Gong training, 7 years of mentoring in Structural Integration and beyond, private practice, an internship at Stanford with their sports teams, 4 years of professional instructing, and 4 years of contracting with a sports physical therapy clinic.

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